Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Update 8/13

Our cooktop and dbl oven arrived and were installed. You guessed it.....the wrong ones! The cooktop though was actually an upgrade, the dbl oven on the other hand was not...they discontinued the one we selected, GE Profile - PT956SRSS and installed GE - JT5500SFSS. When I called GE to find out what the "replacement" was for the PT956SRSS she told me it was PT7550SFSS which when looked up online is about 1k more than the one they installed.

We decided to keep the dishwasher despite it being the wrong one after looking at the reviews of the one we were supposed to get. The microwave though, I'm not happy with because it's not a comparable IMO and I really don't like getting discontinued items (especially when I didn't pick it) and there is no reason why they can't provide what we actually picked.

They finished our fireplace and I'm happy with the look. =)

 Front door is the correct door but it still needs to be stained.

 They stained the stairs.
They installed the top on the butlers pantry but they still need to install the backsplash tile
They put up our floodlights outside.
They just put in our carpet in the master and was finishing the second floor and moving to the attic when I left.

Missing the mirror in the bonus bath still and knobs to that vanity and the one in the second bath.

Still waiting on the fireplace shingles to get fixed but at least they came today to fix the roof in the front (water was seeping in to the new Sheetrock in the garage!).

They came back and re-installed the granite (again they held it up with a stick), someone took it off the bar and set it down (I imagine so it wouldn't break again...)

They still need to fix the 4 broken tiles in the morning room (got broken when the granite on the bar fell of the first time).

They came back and repainted the inside so it looks a lot better in the house now.

Still need Guardian to come back out and install our outdoor speaker.

Bay Window still needs to be trimmed up and the metal roof (wherever it is) needs to be installed.

Most of the replacement doors are painted now, waiting in the garage to be installed in the house.

Still need the trim to be finished on the outside & around the garage doors.

Oh and we still need gutters and landscaping!

A lot IMO that still needs to be done when they were trying to have this completed by the 15th (2 days).

But we are definitely getting closer.

We got an estimate on blinds from Lowe's (my favorite store!) and we have another appt for a blind estimate from Budget Blinds tomorrow. So much money in blinds I tell ya! /sigh


  1. I'm so upset that we weren't offered the same stuff as yours! Love the fireplace, and the satin on the stairs looks great! I so wanted that door like yours (with some glass) but we are getting a big solid block door (like what apartments have!) That's the first thing I'll change!

    I hope you get the appliances changed. That's so frustrating that they'd put anything they like!

    Yes you definitely getting close.... :-)

  2. Are they going to swap out your appliances for the correct ones?

    1. They swapped out the dbl oven for what the replacement item was which was great. After some review, even though the other items were discontinued items and not the items we selected they were slight upgrades so we went ahead and accepted them.

  3. Congratulations! Your blog has been so helpful! We are starting the build process for our Lincolshire - and advice you have would be great! Would love to see how your home looks decorated.