Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Closing Day Update

We had our walk yesterday. It went well but we had a pretty lengthy list of items needing to be fixed still.

We are still missing a light fixture and they still need to swap out one of the wrong fixtures. We are still missing the backsplash in our butlers pantry. The master bath tub is not attached to anything....yes it's just sitting there and able to be moved with a slight push of the hand. Bathroom fixtures in shower leak. Water pressure via the hose bibs on one side of the house is really low. One of the returns in the attic is barely putting out any air. Granite in master bath needs to be replaced or repaired because it looks like someone took a box cutter to it. Lots of grout issues. They are quite a few other things they are addressing as well but as you can tell some of these things you wouldn't think would still be an issue at this point but I am glad they didn't hold us up on closing because I didn't want to lose the rate lock (which would have happened if it had to get pushed back to Thursday).

Our closing is scheduled for 11 am today. I have to say for anyone that saw my blog about FFSI and are considering going with them...go with them if you don't mind people dragging their feet and putting absolutely no priority on your closing package.......It's been very frustrating going with them.

Anyway, pictures below:

Dining Room - looking from Entry


  1. WOW So gorgeous! I LOVE IT!!!!
    Congratulations! And all the best for today.

    I'm glad they did not hold up your closing. Hopefully they'll get all the things fixed soon!

  2. It looks beautiful. Love the ceilings.

  3. Your house is gorgeous! It does not look like a Ryan Home. It looks like a custom home. We built an Avalon last year. http://ryanhomesjourney.blogspot.com