Saturday, June 29, 2013

Update 6/29

A couple of things to update -
  • We realized the other day the hose bibs were not per our specifications, the PM said they were aware and the plumbers would come out and address it.
  • The brick masons didn't show up until yesterday, the got the scaffolding up. 
  • The stairs going into the garage are in place (taking up soooo much room almost making my 3 car garage a 2 car garage).
  • The PM said the framers came in and address everything from identified before & during the Pre-Drywall meeting.
  • Roof to the Bay Window is still not on the lot or up on the bay window
  • Realized the other day the front door frame was damaged
  • Looking more and more like Sept is going to be the date...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Update 6/26/2013

We went to the house today because we were under the impression the brick masons were supposed to start on the house but when we went all we noticed was that the brick was there and black plastic was over the tops of the windows but no new bricks on the house - they were supposed to be there Monday, then Tuesday, now Weds...(We will see).

The shower pan was finally placed in the master bath (but it creaks) and it didn't look like hardly anything that was identified in the Pre-Drywall meeting was addressed.

They put plastic over what is supposed to be the roof area of our bay window to try and keep the moisture out of the house but apparently we won't get the roof for the bay window until Monday or Tuesday.

We were supposed to have some guys come out and put the stairs in the garage but nope.....that got delayed as well.

 Right now I feel like this is going to Dragggggggggg on. More delays = more time I have to spend in an Apt and more rate lock extensions (more $$).

Here is to hoping things turn around!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pre Drywall Meeting

We had our Pre-Drywall meeting Monday6/24/13. We were very sad to hear the timeframe Aug/Sept - all along we have heard July/Aug.

Identified that the can lights were put in the wrong place (they were fixed today 6/25/13) and some other things. I believe all of the inspections had passed. We were told to expect them to start brick on the outside this week and next week possibly drywall.

He said he was hoping to get it done in August (not to encouraged) but we wouldn't have a better date until after drywall.

The need to get the brick done on the bay window wall and the house so they can put the roof on the bay window, then the house needs to be "dried in" before they can start the sheet rock. Once he has the sheet rock in place we will know a better date. I have to give notice to our Apt complex by end of month if we need to stay longer than August so I really hope we don't go into Sept.

BTW - when we went to the house for the Pre-Drywall meeting we noticed the double door was put in place in the Master Sitting area (damaged already but it was good to see what it will look like) and the garage pad was poured (looks like a bunch of cat hair on top of it though....) Posted some pics on the Construction tab.

Today they delivered all the rest of the brick but it was late in the evening so nothing done on the house that I could tell except some minor fixes and the movement of the can lights in the family room.

We met our new neighbors (down the street) today, they are having the Avalon Aisle built and are neck and neck with us on getting completed. It was great to talk with them a bit, it's their first house and they just realized today we had a new PM! They have their pre-drywall Friday I believe.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Updates 6/22/2013

I posted a bunch of pics on the Construction tab -

We were excited to see that they finally moved the dirt pile from the back of the house - they will have a LOT of grading to do I'm sure - still concerned with drainage issues. Anyway......

We met with Guardian (they handle the cable, phone, data, and security for this area) and identified where we wanted all of our cables run; they came out yesterday and got it done!

Still no roof for our bay window or shower pan in the Master Bath but the good news is they were finishing our roof (finally) today when I was leaving.

I did notice replacement sashes for the broken windows in the garage ready to be put in and they cut out the sitting area windows to prepare for the double door (currently sitting in the Garage as well) to be placed.

Electrical, plumbing, HVAC, Cables done but electrical is going to have to come back out Monday and here's at least one reason why - we got the 4' extension and we got coffered ceiling in the Family room. When we identified with our SR where we wanted the can lights in the Family Room we did not place them on the same row as the fan (intentional) but when we see that there are can lights on the same row as the fan and it's off because we did the 4' ext in the Family Room and apparently when we were looking at the plan and marking the can lights we didn't know it was going to add another row for the coffered ceiling so it looks off. Our PM said the electricians are coming back on Monday and I HOPE it's to adjust this.

We have noticed our PM has gone through and identified a lot of things that need to be fixed with spray paint and it's great to see! We have our pre-drywall meeting scheduled Monday afternoon.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Updates 6/17/2013

Looks like the heating and air guys (or gals) came today. Lot's of ducting and a lot more to do.

Furnace is in place in the mechanical room.

Windows are in (although 4 are broken).

Roofing felt that they put down seems pointless now after all the rain and wind - lots of standing water on the floors =/

Tubs & shower pans are in place. Still missing the shower pan for the Master bath though.

Temporary front door is in place.

Concerns about the thermoply- areas of it warping due to moisture.

Can't WAIT until they get the roof shingles and bay window roof on because I'm nervous about all of this moisture in the house.

/biting nails

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Updates 6/14/2013

We left the house late on the 13th. By 3pm or so on the 14th my husband went to the lot to find almost all of the rough plumbing done, shingles delivered and the fireplace in place. I dropped by later that night and took some pics - they are pretty boring as they are only of pipes but figured oh well (most of these pictures I post for my Dad so he can see what's going on from a distance - he was in construction all his working life so he's really interested in this stuff!).

I was excited to see it looked like they plumbed the Bonus room bath according to our most recent change order (we changed the tub to a shower in the bonus) but it looks like they may have delivered one tub incorrectly - the PM emailed me back to let me know they are delivering the correct one Monday.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Updates 6/13/2013

We went by the house yesterday and today. They were putting down the roof felt yesterday and doing lots of hammering on the inside of the house. We thought we went by late enough so they wouldn't be there but they were still there working hard. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures yesterday but we got them late tonight!

We did see that they had put in the stairs from the 1st floor to the second and the second floor to the attic - they were putting up temporary railings around them. They cleaned up the lot and the inside of the house a lot. It looks like they are almost done framing! I'm anxious now for them to put in the windows and doors that are sitting there and the room over the bay window so I can stop stressing over the rain getting in the house!

Overall we are very excited - I think it's going to be a great layout. Hopefully more pictures to come tomorrow or this weekend.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Updates 6/11/2013

We met our PM at the neighborhood before our Pre-Construction meeting.  He walked us around the lots while we tried to make up our mind on which lot we wanted to go with. He was a great guy that seemed to set our minds at ease with some of our initial concerns.

Well, a little over a week or so ago we were at the lot and the Brick mason told us the NEW PM was going to be coming by. This was the first we had heard of it. Our initial PM had been moved to a different area (I think it was a promotion).

Anyway so we had to start over with a new PM. So far it's not bad, we had to make sure he knew we were big on communication and really anxious to see progress on the house (who isn't right?). Well, from what I understand early on in the initial clearing, Erosion Control had made them stop work on the site until some of the dirt could get cleared from the road  (We don't want that to happen again and there has been a LOT of dirt in the road!) husband and I wanted to discuss the cleanliness of the jobsite & some other concerns we had with the construction of the house with the new PM. The PM obliged and when my husband met him at the site thankfully he walked away from the meeting with a feeling of ease once again...Communication is key to happiness!

So to today - I went out a couple of times between yesterday and today and took some pictures. I'm so excited to say there is now roof sheeting (I think) over the back half of the house and roof trusses and gables everywhere else! Check out the construction pics tab to view images.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Thank you for viewing my blog. This is the first blog I have created so work with me here =)

In trying to determine which builder to go with I searched the internet a lot and came across a few blogs showing the progress & concerns experienced and I found it very helpful so I thought I would try it out.

My husband and I decided to go with Ryan Homes as our builder. We looked at a few different floor plans but we really wanted a master down and the Lincolnshire seemed to fit the bill. We were nervous because there wasn't a built model of it yet so we were really just going off the floor plan when we decided to proceed.

We contracted in late February 2013 on a lot in Norman Pointe - Denver, NC. The lot we chose overlooks a beautiful home with a great view of the lake behind it so I fell in love with the lot. The only issue seemed to be how we were going to get the lot to work for my husbands low riding sports car (we're hoping they will grade the lot to ensure no rubbing!)

I hope you enjoy the blog and find it informative. Since I am catching up on what has happened from the start until now there isn't much to the timeline so I apologize.