Construction Progress

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The close date is now August 27th (as of 7/11/13) We signed the contract on 2/27/2013

One of our main concerns going into this is how steep the lot is in the front. My husband drives a very low riding expensive vehicle and is concerned the driveway and his car will not work together.
The lot is pretty high up from the road so I bet the crawlspace will look huge from the road when it's done.

First Sign of Action
Clearing has begun and it looks like the driveway issue is being factored in (I hope)
We were so excited to see block & brick arrive. I love the brick we choose.

Lots of block
Lots of brick for the foundation
We're interested to see how the driveway works

Yay! They started to build the brick foundation!
Wall of Garage - something tells me there will be lots of steps to get into the house from the garage
3 Car Garage
They delivered the wood!
A LOT of wood

The windows in the garage are going to be high up on the garage wall
Morning Room
Our Sitting Area

Garage side of house
Hopefully there won't be any drainage issue once this is final graded
There are going to be quite a few stairs going into the front of the house

It's been raining the last couple of days off and on so no action on the house. It's Saturday and we were told it would be done framing this coming Tuesday but I imagine they didn't look at the weather forecast before giving that timeframe - we will see =)


 Update 6/9/2013 (from 6/8/2013)

Walking into our 3 car garage (it's tall!) You see the door into the Kitchen area just to the right of the green ladder

Looking up at the room of the garage

Inside garage - it's a long way up to the second floor

This image is just inside the morning room looking into the main area of the first floor

Looking at where the double door will be going on to the deck from the Morning Room

Standing inside the Family Room now - across the way is the Master Bedroom & Sitting Area

Looking at our Sitting Area off the Master Bedroom

Looking at the header going into the Sitting Area off the Master (I'm going to love the view from the Sitting Area)

This will be the view (hopefully with grass & not dirt!) from the front door

This image looks at the Family Room wall where there will be two windows and a Stone Fireplace

Front / side iew of the house with the second floor started

"Wonder if I can put a basketball hoop in here...." =)

Roof Trusses over the Family Room

Looking at the Living Room in the front of the house (we didn't go with the study option

Looking at the Dining Room at the front of the house

2nd Floor - Hall bath will be on left - looking at a bedroom just ahead

2nd Floor that hole in the middle to the right will be looking down - open to the first floor

Looking into the Bonus Room

This is part of the Bonus - over the 3 car garage

When walking into the bonus - this is the right wall

Bathroom in Bonus

It's a long drop from the second floor
We have roofing in the back half of the house!

Roof over the Morning Room!

Left to right - back of house with Sitting Area, Family Room, Morning Room

Went by the lot earlier today and saw the crane! Crazy how they manage to get these things in place (glad that's not my job!)

Roof trusses are up!

LOVE the arches!

Looking at back kitchen wall

Morning Room

Family Room with fireplace box

They are boxing out for the tray ceiling in Dining Room

I don't remember what he was pointing at - I was looking at where the window was going to be in the front!

Master Bathroom - box for bath & seat for shower

Looking at our sitting area off the Master - there will be dbl doors in middle instead of windows when they are through

Looking up! (can't remember where)

One of the bedrooms in the front - the view will be nice from here

View from the bedroom above
Looks like they are thinking about the stairs going up to the finished attic (just a board there now)

Looking up where the attic will be

Again, where attic will be

Side of house

Side of house, looking at side of sitting area with windows covered up

So nice to see the roof trusses and roof gables up!
6_13 View from inside Bonus Room looking at Bonus shower room - we now have stairs going up to the second floor & the attic!

Bonus Room dormer over 3 car garage

Second floor - Hubby is going up to attic!

Looking through the bedroom on the second floor

Looking from the second floor through the window in the front - they put a temporary railing in

Attic Stairs! I didn't realize there wouldn't be a door but I like it!
Finished attic - we were happy to see it's very spacious!

It seems tall too!

Again, the attic

Attic view from top of stairs (temporary railing)

Hubby looking down from second floor to front door

Roofing felt on - framing looking good on the inside - jobsite is getting cleaned up!
Roofing Shingles arrived!
Fireplace was put in

We have rough plumbing!

Roof felt blown all over the place and soaking wet

Broken window already

Another broken window - good thing is there are notes that they are already reordered
Another broken window
And another broken window
Looks like they are prepping for the floor vents

Master Bathroom sitting it it's hole

Mechanical Room - second floor
Shower in Bonus Bath
Second Floor bath tub

We're concerned about this - it's in the Kitchen and it looks like it's no longer sealed because it got pushed up somehow

Crawlspace - Lots of work to do still

That is a SMALL pipe to feed a hose
Spicket for our hose on side of house
I believe that's another spicket for another hose and piping for the water heater
------- 6/22/2013 update below------------
Still need roof finished, they arrived today just as I was leaving to do this. Still no metal roof over the Bay window
Looks like they are prepping for concrete in the driveway, still have the double door sitting in garage though - needs to go in Sitting Area off Master
!!! So excited that they moved the big pile of dirt behind the house!!!
View from back corner of property
View from back middle of property line
View from back corner of property line
They finally cut out the hole for the double roof off the sitting area (was a non-standard request)
View from the outside looking into our sitting area > master bedroom > bathroom > closet > formal Living Area
Added this one for my Dad!
They still didn't fix it - really hoping they fix this before they grade over it. I'm sure they will but still hate seeing it for so long
We have cables run now!
Lots of stuff coming out of the house. I think this is where they are going to put the AC units
Nice to see a bunch of foam around these things
This (the blue wire) is where they are putting our outdoor speaker
Over the door (in the Morning Room going out to the eventual deck) is where the wiring will come in for the outdoor speaker and you can see they put the control panel just to the right of the door
Morning room back wall - we had them put in cable just in case - not sure what we are going to do with this room!
Kitchen wall - I didn't realize they would need to cut out the wall for anything, we did the OTR Microwave here

Looking at where the sink & dishwasher will be looking into the Morning Room
Looking from side of Family room over into the garage > Mudroom > Kitchen
Hard to see here but this another wall in the Kitchen - here from right to left there will be a Refrigerator > Dbl Wall Oven
Closer look at some wiring in the kitchen for my Dad's sake!
Doorway into Mudroom > Laundry & entry from Garage
Laundry hookups
Power Box in Garage is wired
Looking at 1st floor level into the Garage - they wired for the garage door opener and ceiling light
family room wall looking into Master Bedroom - we wired this for surround sound
Family Room shot looking into the kitchen area - up top you see the boxes for the rear surround
Family Room Coffered Ceiling - Problem here - we didn't want Can Lights in the same row as the fan!
Standing at Fireplace in Family Room looking towards front of house
Standing at Fireplace looking to the right
Standing at front door looking into Family Room
Standing at front door looking into Dining Room with Tray Ceiling (garage is to the left)
Just walked into Family Room from front of house - looking left
Standing against front wall in Dining Room looking towards back of house
Standing against the wall in the Dining room looking towards the back of the house (closet and bakers pantry is in the hallway)
Wired home location is in the closet under the stairs
Walked into the Family Room from the front of the house  - I like the coffered ceiling!
This is the wall in the Living Room wired up for Data & Cable
Looking from Dining Room in to the Living Room (to the right in between is the front door)
Sitting Area now waiting for the dbl door which is sitting in the Garage to be placed here! I'm excited we will be able to walk out to the deck from our sitting area (non-standard request - door & deck ext)
Standing in the sitting area looking towards the front of the house
I'm wondering why there isn't a shower pan here...
Master Tub - still filled with water, wonder how long they need to have it filled
I am not sure of the size of the tub yet - wish I could check it out to see if it's small or not
Looking at the shower hook-up (hard to see)
This is looking into the potty area in the Master Bath
Looking at where the vanity will be in the Master Bath
I can't remember where  I took this - I wanted to show my Dad the piping & ducting through
Wires now coming up from bottom floor to attic - nice to see all of the foam
HVAC now has the ducting hooked up (2nd flr)
Bonus Bath (shower)
Ceiling in Bonus Bath (shower)
Bonus room wall- we wired for surround here as well
Bonus Room - looking towards the front of the house - you can see the rear surround sound boxes in the corners
Hole still in Bonus Closet wall - hope they fix that Monday
Wires all over! Standing in the 2nd floor bedroom (the one with 2 windows) looking at the closet & towards the rear of the house (into the back bedroom)
They wired the attic! WOW what is that???
I like to see all of the foam here! Attic venting
Looks like the PM identified a lot of stuff to get fixed (Glad to see)
PM must have identified this

Wonder why this wasn't identified! Oh well, we will get it identified on Monday during out Pre-drywall meeting (In attic)

Storage area in Attic
I think they are doing some test in the second bath? (2nd floor)
2nd floor bathtub
They put up some metal braces or something just over the door
This one is for my Dad's sake
Again, this one is for my Dad's sake
Crawlspace is now cluttered with Pipes & Ducting


We have brick waiting to be place on the house!....
Shower Pan finally in Master bath room
Unfortunately it creaks when you stand on it (PM said he will look at it tomorrow)

A TON of space taken up in the garage with the stairs =/

Stairs cut into parking spot of one of the garage much for a 3 car garage
Measuring to get an idea of how wide the front steps will be
Partial wall bricked & bay window roof on!

Garage wall (still insulation for attic waiting to be put up)
In the end this will be dry walled and taped
Morning Room
Looking up at the bay window roof

Inside wall against garage (standing in Dining Room)

R38 in the Ceiling in the attic - R19 in the walls of the attic (R15 everywhere else) - County requirements
Not happy about 1 outlet in the second bath and right next to the sink when we have so much more counterspace to the right of it....
They added the framing for the Family Room columns
=========================Update 7/12/2013==================================
Side wall bricked

This was the other day - they are finished with the back wall now
Not sure what these plastic things are but I hope they are needed because they don't look pretty!

Garage wall almost done

Odd that the shower board doesn't go to the length of the shower on the wall...I think this is not a good thing.
Master Bathroom Toilet Area
Master Bathroom Double Vanity Area
Master Bedroom Sitting Area
Master Bedroom with tray ceiling - looking into bathroom and hallway
Looking up at tray ceiling in Master (before they plastered)
Another view of Master looking into Sitting Area

I don't remember where this was.....
Family Room looking across entry area into Dining Room
Looking into Family Room
In Dining - looking towards hallway that leads into main floor area
Tray ceiling in Dining Room
Looking out of Dining Room
Lights in hallway from Dining Room, leading into main living area on first floor
Looking from Dining Room hallway into the main Living Area
Looking into Kitchen from Living Area

Front of house - almost done with the brick!
Roof over exterior of fireplace off-set (they are fixing)
Back of the Morning Room - bricked


Finished (I think) bricking the house - they just put the stairs in...Not sure I like them, hopefully they will look better after grading, shutters and trim work.
Side view of stairs
Not sure if they are done...this is the bottom of the stairs
This is why I'm not sure the brick people are done - top left shows a large space that isn't bricked and it doesn't seem like any other spot is the same

Lots of stuff still in the Garage
Love the cabinets we picked and the layout

Looking at the space for the dbl oven and the fridge
Island Cabinets
Nice to see they included our selected options of the pull out trash
And the pull out sink drawer

Cabinet people brought in the mud room bench
Butlers Pantry Top Cabinet
Butlers Pantry Base Cabinet
This is supposed to go up in the bonus bathroom - not sure why it didn't possible issue?
Master Bath Vanity (problem)
They tried to jamb it closed - we noticed the issue
This is what you get with you select the single bowl in the 1st bath upstairs on the Lincolnshire, a knee space - this will be replaced with another cabinet just like the one on the left here.

What a mess! I've seen pics where some people cover the bathtubs - not this crew!

1st bath upstairs - lots of mud here....looks like they didn't extend the blue/purple board as far as they should have for tile

This is the fireplace issue - how are they going to make the pipes fit together? Hopefully the PM will tell us
Grading meeting Monday - Will be interesting
They fixed the master bath plumbing problem by putting an elbow in
Tile is in - Master Bath
Mirror is in (also door frames and some most molding)
Another view of Master Bath with tile
They fixed the fireplace (can't wait to see it with the Stone surround) can also see molding in coffer ceiling
Stair Railings are in
Bonus Bath (Shower) with tile
1st bath upstairs with tile

Railing in Attic

Molding in Dining Room (you can see at this point they had primed the walls)
Other view of Dining Room with molding
They fixed the fireplace - they have to come back and now fix the brick
They removed the knee space cabinet & replaced with a regular cabinet in upstairs bath
They were in the process of painting the walls
It rained - water is still coming into the house.....I'm hoping they fix this soon
Water still coming in the garage
They are putting down the floor tile & we have countertops!

They grouted the bathroom surround tile
They started grading
They still need to fix the wall in the Master Bath - Sheetrock people were out again today but this is still an issue
Our new granite bar fell and broke some newly laid tile too =/
They put the HVAC stuff in - wish they would have put it in straight
Wrong color hinges - PM said this door isn't ours - its from the model....
still need hardware on the new cabinet in the 1st bath upstairs
I think this goes to the septic

Condensing units - need door still for crawl

Gas Hookup

Fan installed - but the wrong one for this spot
Who thought wire shelving would be so exciting!?!
Master bathroom shower enclosure
Master Bathroom faucets & towel bar in place
They started working on the deck! 
Outside trim makes this huge brick house look SOOOOO much better IMO - can't wait for the trim to be done.
They framed out the driveway and sidewalk

Finally put up the garage doors and moved the steps (it's a good thing they moved the steps because the garage door hardware wouldn't have fit with the steps where they were before)

Framed sidewalk & railing on the front steps

They were putting up the shutters yesterday

They put these up the other day, they are all the wrong finish....

Our awesome deck. We did a non-standard to get the step risers shorter because we have a dog with back problems that can't go up or down normal height steps

They put out wood flooring in

Our fireplace is finally stoned!
Love the stained wood stairs!
Stained railing!
Correct door - feels naked, needs a coat of stain!
Wrong cooktop - but we'll take it!
Granite that wishes it had some support
Lush carpet in the master (wish I had done this on the 2nd floor and attic)
Font view of stained (but dirty) steps
Wrong dbl oven

Butler's Pantry waiting on backsplash
I was happy to see decent looking flood lights!





  1. The pictures are great....Congratulations on your new home! May your new home bring you every joy that your heart wishes for! The Crawford Family