Saturday, August 10, 2013

Update 8/10

Our bay window roof is supposed to be a black metal roof - yesterday they installed shingles on it....No clue where the metal roof is still but when that arrives they will have to remove the shingles & install the correct metal roof.

Pretty much all of the lighting is in (except that they installed the wrong finish so they will have to swap it all out).

All of the fans are in except all of the light kits are wrong finish - they are going to have to swap those out as well.

We checked the model numbers of the dishwasher and microwave they installed (still no dbl oven or cooktop) and both were not the models we selected - they were both discontinued models that didn't seem to be on any option list so no clue how they were shipped. So...we expect to see a new DW and OTR Microwave soon.

The mantle for our fireplace is now installed, we were supposed to have the stone installed around it yesterday but when they delivered the stone they had it at the bottom of the driveway and a worker ran over it with a we wait for new product.

The wood flooring is installed - we love it but I'm not happy about the transition between the wood and the tile (not an error, just my preference)

Tile backsplash is partially installed in the kitchen (they have to come back and finish once the new granite is installed over the bar area).

We are supposed to get the granite over the bar area and butlers pantry Monday.

They installed the correct front door - there is a little issue they need to fix with just under the glass on the door.

They installed all the door hardware but.....they installed it on the doors that had "REMOVE" written all over them because of the water damage caused from being in the wet garage (the new doors were in the garage and they were supposed to install them before putting on the hardware /sigh) - so they will have to uninstall the door hardware and reinstall once the new doors get put up.

They fixed our steps in the garage so it now goes to the backwall instead of being against the entire side wall making it so we can't use the 3rd bay. It's a good thing they did this because we now have the garage doors on and looking at the framing of the garage doors it wouldn't have worked the way they had it and it looks soooo much better this way.

They finished our deck and we LOVE it! The same guys that did the steps in the garage did the deck and they were so nice and did a great job.

They finished out the crawlspace with the barrier and the door.

They were finishing the outside trim yesterday, not sure if they completed it or not - still needed some shutters up and trim around the front door when we left. 

They installed the railings on the front steps.

They framed the driveway and sidewalk so they are ready for concrete!

The PM told my husband yesterday we should have everything done by end of next week. So I'm crossing my fingers. 


  1. Awesome! Your time line look great!

    Love the bay window, we did not get that. Also the bench by the fireplace looks pretty cool, something we they did not offer here. Love the deck...can't wait for ours! :-)

  2. Thanks! I can't wait to see some new pics of your house. It looks like it's coming along with minimal issues =) I envy you haha.